Grammy Style

There were SO many lovely ladies of the red carpet this year for the Grammy's. Even though the world was still reeling form the shock of Whitney, as they say in Hollywood "the Show Must Go On!" And go ON it did!!! Here were a few of my favorite looks. What were yours? I think with all of your requests for Adele and seeing her on the red carpet I have finally chosen a look of hers that I will do here shortly. Till then enjoy these lovlies and their gowns and of COURSE their makeup! =) All photos thanks to TMZ.com.
Love Taylor Swift's gold hues
Beautiful and classic black
Can I be tan year round too? Love that bright lip!
Oh Adele, we kind of adore you!
Rarely disappointed by Carrie, not starting now.
LOVE that purple and her voice is to DIE for!!!
No idea why Kate was at the Grammy's but I ALL kinds of okay with it =).
Love her makeup but could do without my Grandmother's dress on her...just sayin.

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