For those of you that haven't heard me RAVE about this primer then let me yell at you now...YOU MUST GET URBAN DECAY PRIMER POTION IF IT IS THE LAST THING YOU DO!!!!!
 I have used other primers to keep my shadow on all day and to keep from creasing and this one is by far the BeSt!!!!! My friend Sarah also just sent me a link where you can get it for half the price!!! The reason Urban Decay is doing this for a limited time is because they have changed their packaging. I am so happy they have made it into a squeezable bottle but for those of you that want this "vintage" look for half the price ($9) then HAVE AT THEE!!!

Here they are in the new squeezable bottles....(insert singing voice) loooooooooove!!!!!


Ronda Batchelor said...

Wow you have an amazing blog. Just like your personality. It was fun to meet you last night. Love to have you visit and see my sons work and mine.(Always a mother first.) Click on the label Jaysen.

The Herlings said...

Thanks for sharing. I have tried Urban Decay primer, but when right back to my Lancome primer, I feel like it works so much better! Have you tried Lancome primer?

Jen said...

Yup I've tried it and went right back to Urban Decay LOL I love it =D. I just think everyone is so different and one thing can't ever work for all riiiight? Right! =D

Sarah Bonn said...

On your previous recommendation, I bought this right after the new package came out. I will say that the people who do not like it may need to try different amounts of the primer on their lids. Too little or too much and it doesn't work well. Once you figure out the magic amount, it will keep your eye makeup in place ALL day, even if you have an oily complexion.

Alyssia said...

Thank you for posting this link! Ever since you did Dyanna's makeup for the vintage shoot you got her hooked on it, and then my sister and so it's about time I get it!! So excited to finally use it!! -Alyssiati

Alyssia said...

ha not sure why there is a ti at the end of my name.. oops :)