Xango Interview

 Over the weekend I was able to interview Beverly Hollister, Senior Vice President of Xango. I had a lovely time with the "Xango family" as that was the atmosphere at their global convention. Everyone wore smiles, walking from classes, meetings, and the product store booming with music and energy. I was able to steal Beverly away from adoring fans to interview her backstage. As it was my first interview I was a bit nervous but she was so genuine, caring and giving that I was soon very comfortable and felt I was speaking with a friend. I can't wait to share with you the formal interview once I am all finished with editing. I think that many of you will be interested in Xango's approach to a more natural, healthy look on the outside of our skin but also the inside of our bodies. Most of us are of an age where skin care is important and an essential part of our nightly routine. I am excited to share with you not only information but quick tips and tricks for the "I'm in a hurry" type mom! Can't wait, can you??? =)

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The Nowell's said...

I can't wait for the tips and tricks :)