Kim's Wedding Makeup

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 Here is Kim Kardashian's makeup on her wedding day. Thank you to all of my loyal followers that have put up with some silence the past few months. I appreciate it more than you know and love you guys!!! Hope you enjoy! =)
I can't say that I was super in love with her first gown. That's right FIRST! She wore three gowns that night, all very different. Here are some sketches of the Vera Wang masterpieces. What is your favorite style of wedding dress? What did YOU wear? What do you DREAM of wearing??? Send in pictures to dollcosmetics@gmail.com.


Kimberly said...

Great Job!

Unknown said...

love it! i totally ordered from coastal scents because i saw you use those pallates and i am really happy with the textures {and the prices!} in fact i just did a wedding {4 bridesmaids, a bride and a mom} using mostly the neutral pallate from coastal scents! can you recomend any other sites that a makeup artist needs to know about {i work for MAC but my side business has been building...} i love that pallate for your lipstick... i really need something like that for my lipstick and foundation...
AND we would love you to do a guest tutorial..
think about it and let us know!

Jen said...

Don't you LOVE the 88 pallette??? It's like heaven sent! =) Congrats on the wedding. I love the atmosphere at weddings...unless you have a bridezilla which luckily I haven't had yet! My biggest recommendation to any makeup artist would be to become an affiliate for as many companies as you can. That discount, as I'm sure you know with MAC, makes a HUGE difference!!! I love Makeup Forever's site and Sigma brushes are great! Pretty soon I am going to start selling different "looks" here on the site *squeal* =D! I would love to do a guest tutorial. Just email me to let me know what you would want from me and when =).

Jennifae said...

Great tutorial!

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

My wife was actually searching on how did Kim make up was done until we both saw this blog. It was great and my wife really loved it and tried on it her own. I remembered that in Texas, where there are a number of websites offering texas cosmetology CE , I saw one that was actually trying the same make up that Kim had on her wedding. Really made it famous.

jtruong16 said...

I’m going to the Marine Corps Ball in a week and I have been looking for a look that would go well with my dress and I have finally found it!!!! I love your make up tutorials!

On a side note, I was wondering if you could do a tutorial on how to do makeup like Adele when she performed Someone Like You at the MTV movie awards this year. Her makeup was amazing and I cannot figure out how to do it!

Looking forward to the next tutorial =]