9/11 Always Remember

It's not make up related, but I think you'll understand.
Today is 9/11. Ten years ago I was walking downstairs to find my mother in tears. "We are going to war," She said through choked sobs. If anyone knows my mother you'll know that she will do anything for her children, loves a good chick flick, cries at almost everything and is one of THE most patriotic people I know. She refuses to sit, no matter where we are, if the National Anthem can be heard playing (and rightly so). It was such a surreal moment to find her so upset and to hear the news reports in the background. I had to get ready for work and while dressing even had the thought, when I go downstairs again nothing will be wrong. She'll say hi and we'll eat breakfast. That whole day at work was so somber and just a little tense. Radios and t.v.'s were all on and tuned into the news. I couldn't believe what I was seeing or hearing. My heart went out to all those involved as I sat feeling stupid and helpless so far away in California. Today in church someone asked what would have been our first thoughts if we had been on the 109th floor. My first thought was,"Not yet. I'm not ready. Have I taught my boys enough? Told my loved ones how much I cared?" To think those thoughts brought emotions to the surface. I want to remember that day if only to feel of the unity we all experienced immediately afterward. The spirit of perseverance; we WILL not be defeated.
When I nannied for a governor there was a sculpture that I would pass everyday of our American flag. It was held together by band aids and safety pins. It was torn in many places and stitched back together. The caption below said "We are holding together just fine". This country has been through so much. We fight amongst ourselves, have been attacked, had so many wars big and small but we are holding together just fine. It is my belief that God has fortified this land and it is a land of promise. It's a land of free men and women who live as they see fit. Who can exercise any belief they feel to be just and true. Our past, filled with triumphs and downfalls, is to be remembered. Let us gain strength from our victories and never forget lessons learned from tragedies. I'll be saying the Pledge Of Allegiance today with my family and I hope you will too. What do you remember about that day?

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