Warm Or Cool Undertones...*blush*

One of the basics to knowing what to wear, makeup wise, is knowing your skin tone. Are you a warm and golden gal or a cool sophisticated lady? Let this easy guide help you in answering that question and letting you move forward to "makeup bliss".
First and foremost, step out into the light (natural please, we want this to be accurate). What do you see when looking in the mirror? Are you seeing a rosy glow or golden tones? Next, get out some of your favorite jewelry (sound crazy? Read on!). Do you mostly own gold or silver? Silver is most flattering on those of a cooler nature and golds are best if you have warm undertones. Whatever you gravitate toward will help you determine tone. Cool huh? Well lets' take it one step further shall we? Yeah this is fun! Go into that closet of yours and answer me this...when putting a white shirt up to your skin as opposed to an off white and see which looks better? White = Cool and off white iiiiiiiissssss.......you guessed it warm. You are so smart. Here are some more fun facts to help you decide:

- Look amazing in a yellow or orange shirt? Warm
- Inside of your wrist, are the veins more blue or green? Blue = cool Green = warm
- Out in the sun with no sunscreen? (please don't!) Burn easily = cool Tan well = warm

Congrats!!! After all these years you now know "what" you are LOL ;). Now that you do here are some guidelines to live by, but if you're like me (I hope I'm not the only one) do whatever the junk you want and wear white all. year. long!!!

*Cool: You look best in foundation that has a bluish or pink undertone. If you fall under this category, you generally should stick to jewel tones such as blue, purple, blue-green, green, magenta, and bluish-red. You'd probably wear white shirts over ivory ones, and black mascara makes your eyes pop.
*Warm: You look best in foundation that has a yellow or golden undertone. If you fall under this category, you generally should stick to earthier shades such as yellow, orange, brown, orangey-reds, and yellow-green. You'd probably wear ivory shirts over white ones, and a deep brick-red lipstick would be fabulous for a night on the town.

Sooooooo were you a warm or a cool? Take the poll in the sidebar to see what undertones are a majority here at Classy!

"cool image" is from jakandjil.com "warm image" is from thesimplyluxuriouslife.com

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