Sucker Punch Babydoll Tutorial

I have gotten quite a few requests for this look and it was about time to do it. I haven't seen the movie but I hear it is visually stunning and worth it. Have you seen it? Was it any good? Well, this little chica was the most understated as far as makeup was concerned out of all of them. I remember her from A Series Of Unfortunate Events and RARELY do I think that someone who has dark hair naturally looks better blond. Gwen Stefani is one and now this girl is another. I LOVE it!!! I am for sure a fan of the glowing skin and the pink cheeks. Overall, one of my fav looks and I might just do the hair thing again = D. Enjoy!!!


Unknown said...

love love love!!! my two daughters {5 and 8} and i just watched the whole video together... we were glued to the computer screen! you are so talented!


i love love love the way you do makeup and i thought that your pouty face was funny!

Cora says " i loved what you did in that video!"

ps... tell me that you are coming to the blogger meet up o nthe 25th.... pretty pretty please with sugar!

Els said...

Love this!! So happy you are back! hahaaa I have missed your tutorials