Hot Smokey Summer Eye

Turn up the heat with this smoldery eye! I haven't been feeling all that great this past week but inspiration struck and now I give you the silent movie era of makeup tutorials =). The music makes me want to do a 1920's flapper look...and I think I just might!!! My fav part is that it took my husband this long to show me how to speed up videos and change transitions. I feel like I am BURSTING with new ideas now!!! This video normally would have been 8 min long but since I sped it up to match the theme it's HALF that! Also, I hold up a brown shadow toward the beginning and don't tell you the name is Embark from MAC.
Well, I am off to bed for more sleep. I need it since my son's birthday party is coming up and I want to kick this sickness to the CuRb! Get this, he asked for a Halloween Birthday Bash in June =). I am beYOND excited since that is one of my FAVORITE holidays. Can I share the invites with you?
 We made a mold of his finger, roughed it up, tied a reminder ribbon around it and laid it on a soft bed of reindeer moss. I was DYING when I saw how cute and little his fingers were =). Thank you Martha!!!


Codilyn said...

My boys loved this video! They kept laughing whenever your motions went really fast, and kept asking to watch it "again, again!!"
Get better soon honey, and have a fabulous Halloween birthday bash!!!

Unknown said...

so cute! i love how you did the super fast video! and of course the make-up is flawless!