May Favorites

Yeah, I'm a slacker but it's summer and me and my boys are LOVING our time together!!! How is your summer going? What plans do you have and what are you enjoying? Here are some products that other readers are loving.
Kelby says: My favorite product this month is Laura Geller Long Lasting Color Brow Marker Duo. It is truly easy to apply, just like a marker, but matches my hair color perfectly (I got the Taupe). It's fool proof, comes off easier than any other of my products (even with just my face wash!!). I recommend this to anyone who can't leave the house without doing their eyebrows!

Nancy gives us her favs:I'm nearly 52 years old and I've always had a huge interest in beauty products. Over the years I've seen products come and go. And because I've always been on the hunt for the best product to make me look my best, I've tried quite a few. I don't regularly shop the cosmetics counters at the dept. stores because I feel that one can look good with less expensive products purchased at Target or a drugstore. That doesn't mean I haven't tried some. Lancome has been a fave foundation in the past as well as Clinique's eye shadows and Estee's aero matte translucent face powder. But recently I've discovered some products that have made me look the best I've looked in a long time (in my opinion!) They are:
 Oil of Olay's Regenerist night resurfacing elixer, 
 L'Oreal's Magic Smooth Souffle foundation and 
 L'Oreal's HIP eyeliner in black.
My skin has never looked so youthful and dewey without looking greasy. I don't know if it's the Olay elixer or the L'Oreal foundation...or a combination of the two. Whatever, I'm satisfied! As for the eyeliner, I really prefer a pencil as I seem to be able to use them the best (I sorta have all thumbs). This HIP eyeliner applies so smoothly. And it stays on for hours.
I wanted to share my 3 fave products. I don't know if my standards have lowered or these are really good products because I never endorse a product to anyone. Generally, if I like a product okay, I change my mind after a few weeks of using it. But not these! I really love them.
K ladies, my turn!!! Here is my first love of June =): 
LOVE this swimsuit!!!!! SO worth it the money and since this is the first month of pure sun here it is on my May favs list!!! The video has the rest =).

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