SO Stinking CUTE!!!!!

Do you browse the web? Do you sometimes start at a baking blog with the purpose of grabbing a quick recipe only to find yourself, after browsing her fav sites, then that girl's fav sites, at a sewing blog (I don't sew) that is making the CuTeSt accessory bags EVER??? You may have gathered already that this indeed happened to me and I am SO glad! Meet Anngela from Anngela's Pretty Little Things. This girl can do it all! She is super crafty and a great seamstress. I drool over any images for Halloween and whadda ya know she's got that too =). Here she shares a brush roll up case that she made at a recent party. Take it away Anngela!!!
The task at hand for this party--a roll-up accessories case! After a few snacks and conversation, we got to sewing. House Party supplied the directions, fabric and thread as well as some freebies while Katie hosted and gave step-by-step directions. Here are a few photos from Sew Woodsy's house party re-cap post.
I'm diligently sewing my pockets :)

Vanessa and I getting our sew on
The roll-up accessory case was meant to be a fairly simple project--and that it was! This is a PERFECT project for any beginner sewer. I planned to use mine for my make-up brushes but the versatility and customizations for this project are endless. This has been a project on my "craft to do" list for quite some time--so this allowed for one more project to be checked off as complete!

Two pieces of fabric
(we used 12"x14" but you can use any rectangular size--
step 3 explains how you may want to determine your size)
Coordinating Ribbon (approximately 20"-24" in length; longer if you make a larger case)
Sewing basics (machine, thread, pins, iron, etc.)
Step 1. Pin your fabric right sides facing together along the edges. Sew along the edge of the fabric with a small seam allowance. Be sure to leave a 4" gap in the center of one of your your longest edges for turning.
Step 2. Turn the fabric right side out, poke out corners and press.
Step 3. To make the pocket: Lay your fabric so that the long side that has the 4" opening is on the right. Decide how "long" of pockets you want and fold your rectangle from the bottom up. The folded part will be your pocket. Press your fold.
The long white line is where the top of my pocket is folded to--a little less than half-way up
Step 4. Open your fold and topstich the top of your pocket for a finished look. (Be sure to not stitch your pocket to the case--this is just a decorative step)
Step 5. Re-fold your flap. Now it's time to sew your individual pocket channels: Determine the channel widths depending on what you're going to hold in your case. I did mine a variety of 1/2"-2" inch pockets for my various sized make-up brushes. Use either a straight stitch or a decorative stitch to give it flair! You may sew only to the top of the pocket, or you may sew up the entire case--I chose to stop at the top of the pocket. Sew your channels by starting at the bottom of the pocket and working towards the top edge, reinforcing at the beginning and end or your stitch. (see photo below) *Do not sew shut your end pockets*
Notice end pocket is not sewn shut
Step 6. Final step! Fold your ribbin in half and insert the folded end into the 4" opening. This should be directly to the right of your pocket. (see photo below)
Stitch around your entire perimeter of your case--closing the gap and securing the open pocket ends--and you're done!
The various cases made by the girls at the party
Holding my make-up brushes and necessities

Enjoy your new case!


Diana Smith said...

These are sooo cute!! I love the idea and its sooo easy to make! Thank you so much girl!

The Nowell's said...

I love this and i love that fabric! This has been something I have wanted to make too for the longest time. I just got a new sewing machine too so this would be a great project to break it in :) Would love to have a craft party like this...again wish I lived closer :) Great job!!!

Unknown said...

great blog. Thank you for sharing