Let me first say that I do not know the first thing about "the Twitter" as cute Betty White said. I really am on new ground and it is FAR from terra firma to me! I mean, the bird looks so sweet and innocent right? How hard can it be right? Are any of you on this feathery site? Help a sister out!!!!!


Kimberly said...

I am on Twitter but I need a lesson

Dara Lynn said...

I signed up for Twitter but never use it:) I do good to keep up with Facebook and email! lol

heather said...

twitter is easy. it takes a while to get going and build a following, be patient. I try to get on a least once a day, just to say hi and see what is going on with the people I follow. It's kind of fun. Someone described it as a river, it's always moving and flowing, you just jump in when you want and get out when you want.
if you join, find me @HeatherCowdell

Kelby said...

Twitter takes some getting used too but really easy when you have the right tools. Here are a few I've learned

1)When you want to talk to someone direclty, put the @ symbol infront of there user name.

2)If you want to join a conversation, use the hashtag symbol and it looks like this #. Then click on that hashtag link and you'll join in.

3)An easy way to use twitter is by going to HootSuite. You can use your Facebook and Twitter Accounts at once. You can set-up msgs in advance and even link your blog to your twitter/facebook posts so your followers can get the instant update.

4)You can set your twitter account to send you text msg on your favorite people when they update, for example breaking news. You can even have twitter send you a text msg every time someone talks to you directly so you don't miss out on it.

Let me know if you need any help. I'm willing to share what knowledge I have :) You can follow me @PeacheyPlanner