So It's Not Monday

I saw this and thought...yes, this is true. I will pass this onto my ladies with all my love and support LOL. Yeah, I'm a nerd but you knew that ;). Here is what thedailyglow.com had to say about hiring a pro to handle your face on your special day:
Even if you're not a celebrity, there are certain occasions when you want to look your absolute best. Whether you're splurging for your wedding or a class reunion, you want a professional image for your new Web site, or you just want a sexy photo for an online dating profile, hiring a professional makeup artist can be totally worth it. I learned my lesson years ago when I did my own makeup for a television interview. I ended up looking so pale and sickly that my mother called and asked if I was ill! Now whenever I do a TV appearance or need to have photos taken, I have my makeup done professionally.

To find a makeup artist, ask for referrals from friends who have been pleased with their makeup. Hairstylists and wedding or event photographers are also likely to know who does good work.
When you contact the makeup artist, ask about his or her professional experience, what type of work she or he does, and what rate you can expect. Ask to see photos of the artist's work or speak to recent clients.
Depending on the type of event you're getting primped for, you may have other questions: Is the makeup artist available to work on other members of a wedding party? Will she or he stick around for touch-ups at a photo shoot or TV interview? If so, be sure to ask about additional costs.
Always do a trial run. You'd never wait until the day of a big event to put your dress on for the first time, would you? A trial run will help you and your makeup artist nail down the right look and prevent any ghastly surprises.

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