Help For Upper Lip Wrinkles

 Here is an awesome tip and helpful hints from the Glow. I was SO surprised that things we may be doing everyday can cause upper lip wrinkles! Check this out!!! A woman asked Dr. Jessica this question:

Q: I love lipstick, but I stopped wearing it because it ends up bleeding into my lip wrinkles and looks terrible. How can I make these wrinkles go away?

A: Upper lip wrinkles are commonly called smoker's lines, even though many people who have them have never smoked. They tend to be more prominent in people who pucker their lips frequently, drink from straws, or chew gum, because these types of movement crease the skin and deepen such lines. They can also be hereditary. Here are some ways to soften them so you can wear lipstick again:

- Avoid gum, straws, and to-go cups, which make you pucker. If you must use a straw, put it in the corner of your mouth so your lips pucker less.
- If your wrinkles are very fine or you’re just starting to notice them, try using a makeup primer to make them look less obvious. Primers usually contain dimethicone to smooth over and fill in skin irregularities (kind of like spackle). A model friend of mine swears by L’Oréal Studio Secrets Professional Magic Perfecting Base. You can use it alone or under liquid foundation or powder.
I often treat deeper wrinkles in the office with injectable wrinkle fillers like Restylane and Juvéderm. These fillers soften the wrinkles without changing the shape or size of the lips. If the wrinkles are very deep, numerous, or cross the lip line, I might recommend putting a bit of filler along the border of the lip to give it more support (without making the patient look like a blowfish).
- I often combine filler with one or two drops of Botox or Dysport, injected right at the lip line to help relax the upper lip muscles. This prevents the lines from becoming deeper and helps the filler last longer.
- Laser treatments and chemical peels can resurface the top layers of damaged skin, allowing new skin to heal more smoothly. These procedures work best for people with fair skin; those with darker skin tones may develop darker or lighter patches in the treated areas.
StRaWs and GuM????? Who knew right??? I thought this made perfect sense and was very insightful. 
In other news...ToMoRrOw Is My BiRtHdAy!!!!! I am so excited to see good friends and celebrate with family. I hope everyone has a lovely March 8th...me and my folks are partial to the date =). Happy Monday!


Tracy D said...

Happy Birthday, my step-mom's is tomorrow too and she is awesome!

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Chewing gum? I guess that makes sense. Do you think you would have to chew gum constantly, or would this effect casual gum chewers and straw drinkers as well? :)

Happy Birthday!