My February Favorites

It's cool to be fashionably late right??? Well, good cuz here I am on the 5th of March telling you what I loved in February. I keep wanting to do a live video for these but this time around I never found myself to be wearing makeup...go figure. I didn't want you to completely lose faith in me so I have opted for the pen (keyboard) instead.
First and foremost I wanted to go back to last month's post where Brook talked about the EOS Lip balm. I am now in LOVE as well!!! I got mine in February and it hasn't left my side! I can't wait to try the lemon one! I did get an email from a follower saying that she has something even BeTtEr!!! Get this ladies, it's called Sex Wax...yup, you heard those words from cute little innocent me. I'm going to let Corey explain it to you since she is the guru on the stuff =):
 "Let me introduce you to Sex Wax chap-stick. You see, I'm a beach girl and I use to work at a surf shop. One day at work I forgot my chap-stick and so I bought one we sold there. Sex Wax is actually a brand of surfboard wax but they branched out and decided to make chap stick (with SPF might I add)! Upon first applying I was not impressed. It was hard and difficult to spread on my lips. It also seemed waxy (go figure!) Anyway, I kept using it (I'm too cheap not to), and within a week it was my new favorite. Once you use it a few times it softens up and you get use to the thicker, waxy texture. I know what you're thinking, why do I want to use something I have to "get use to." Let me explain why I love it. I LOVE it because it stays on your lips WAYYYY longer than any others I've tried, it conditions and leaves your lips feeling super smooth, and sun protection is a plus! Most times I have to reapply chap-stick every 10 min. This one stays on and give me a piece of mind I guess you can say."
What do you guys think??? Could be a "March Madness" Fav!!!
Corey also shares another of her favs with us:
"I use something called "Balms Away (second picture)." BIG FAVORITE! It's a Vaseline type substance that you rub on and then wipe off. It moisturizes, and while you're rubbing it in you see the makeup breaking up and smearing so  you look like a scary spooky monster. (insert Jen laughing at this point) =) It's good stuff I tell you! "
 Next product I have fallen for and have seen results with is the Olay Regenerist eye lifting serum. Annie, you asked me in a comment about under eye products and I am really impressed with this one. I have only tried three others since I am new to caring about skin care (GaSp!) but this is my favorite of the three. I use it twice a day and I have noticed a difference when I put my makeup on. It just looks so much smoother and more hydrated. It was $19.99 at my local drug store and was listed as one of the 9 best eye serums by totalbeauty.com. Here is what some of their readers said:

"I can't believe how much I like this serum! It's moisturizing, but non-greasy and it really firmed up the skin around my eyes. My fine lines are barely detectable. I also like its slight tint and shimmer -- most days I can skip concealer." Another reviewer says, "I'm a senior woman and at this stage of my life I am always interested in anti-aging products. I have been using this serum for a long time ... actually, since its conception. I know it has made the area around my eyes look a little younger; however, what I really like about this product is the refreshing feeling it gives my eyes every morning. I look forward to this step in my morning ritual because it is such a pleasant product to use. Thanks, Olay!" Another says, "I've tried many other products for my fifty-ish, drooping upper eyelids and nothing really had done much. But after about four weeks of using this product, people started telling me I looked younger, and there was a definite improvement in my lids." 

I was very flattered when I had a reader ask if she could interview me for a project she was working on. She then proceeded to ask me questions about the blog on of them being how much do I make from it. That one made me stop and think...was I supposed to be? Oh dear, am I missing out on something? I have companies now and then send me things for review but I have never been paid for it. I thought to myself, "Self, you could have more giveaways at your blog that you personally "back" if you had some revenue coming in. I signed up for a program with Sigma and now when you go through the Classy Blog by clicking my link I get a small commission...I am very proud of my $5 thank you. Having done that I am saving up for some ReAlLy cool giveaways but also, I have come to love Sigma brushes! Long story to get to the fav but ya know, just wanted to be integrous about what happens when you click on my button =).
These two have been my favs this month. The E40 (top) and E25 are SO well priced!!! These two at MAC would be $51.50 (not including tax) but at Sigma they are $18. This is also not including tax or shipping but HoLy CoW!!!!! Plus every time, and I DO mean every time you spend $30 you get sent a trial of the E25 for free. I think it's a good deal! I am using these brushes like a maniac!
So that's it for February Favs. What were yours this month?


Annie said...

Thanks for the info on the eye cream. I'm definitely going to try it.

Lissa said...

Just got the lemon EOS lip balm and I LOVE it. The flavor/scent is very light and nice. I find I do have reapply it more often than my usual favorite Burt Bee's lip balm. But still, I love the shape and container of the EOS so much. Very fun.