Blemishes Be Gone Revisited

This is an older post but SO important and I didn't want it to get lost in the archives of "blogdom". If you are feeling weighed down by blemishes...chin up, try these steps and you can not just have a passable fave but a FlAwLeSs canvas!!!
I also want you to ask yourself these questions:
- Am I washing my face day and night and exfoliating?
- Am I over or under moisturizing?
- Am I using the right skin care and makeup for my face type?
- Am I eating unhealthily? Drinking enough water?
- How much sleep a I getting and how much unnecessary stress am I inflicting on myself?
There are a thousand more questions we can ask ourselves but these are the basics for a happy face and a happy body. Try them and see what a difference it can make!
*CAUTION* Scary images below! If you have just eaten, I recommend you wait at least an hour!!!!! I had a bad reaction to something but wanted to show you how to cover up blemishes really well. We all need it now and then right? =)


Jordan said...

Happy birthday!

Jen said...

Thanks Jordan!!! =)

Anonymous said...

Ok quick question, and you may have already answered this for someone else. If you have, I'm sorry about the redundancy. Anyway...I have an uneven skin tone. I have super rosey cheeks, and slightly dark eyelids. I use Cover Girl concealer, and it evens out my skin, but only for like an hour. Any suggestions on some amazing make up that will even out my skin, and that I don't have to keep re-applying?!!

Jen said...

GREAT question Ally. A face primer will always help make your makeup last. I use one from MUD but go into Sephora and play around with others. For cheaper coverage I would get the Revlon Color Stay Foundation and set it with a good powder. When you combine a drug store product that is pretty great with a StElLaR powder (like MAC Studio Fix or Makeup Forever HD powder) then you know your results will last and look great. Benefit also has good powder and many other brands at Sephora can help. The key is to prep your skin, use primers and set concealer and foundation with good lasting powder. Also, you can try a foundation that has more of a green base to even out your red areas. Makeup forever has great correcting foundations and concealers. Try them out and see what you think. I promise it will be worth the investment. =)

Anonymous said...

You're amazing! Thank you so much! I have bought soooo many different foundations/powders/concealers it is ridiculous! Thanks again!!!