Ulta Deals!!!

Click here to see what you can get for a $17.50 purchase of Ulta products. Your choice of one of three makeup collections! On the homepage you can also get a 20% off any one item coupon that you can use. Brandi, a reader asked what I would get. I told her, if she didn't have them, that the basics would be my purchase. A black liner pencil, a liner for brows, a matte black shadow, a brown color close to your skin color (I use Wedge from MAC and Naked from Urban Decay) and a matte white would be great. With these purchases then you can get free makeup!!! Who doesn't want that?  With a good eye primer the shadows deliver great results and are worth it for someone building their makeup supply. Brandi was also kind enough to send pictures and a description of what collection she chose for her free gift.

For a grand total of $19.90, I got:
  1. 1 Black eyeliner (I wish I had paid more attention and gotten the actual pencil kind rather than the automatic one – though I also should have realized there was one in the gift)
  2.  1 Brunette brow shade and shaper pencil (have no idea what to do with the shaper, but I assume you’ve got a tutorial on that already
  3.  1 White Wedding eye crayon. 
  And the gift: 
  1.        Cute bag
  2.       4 tools: Contour brush (angled, flat top), blush, sponge tip, and small eyeshadow brush
  3.         2 double tip pencils: Chocolate/Black contour/eye liner, Rose/Halo contour lip/eye liner
  4.         1 double tip lip gloss: Cosmo and Charmed (yeah, I know you’re not a fan of glosses…) The Cosmo is rose-colored and the Charmed is very light pink – likely more of a shining agent than actual color
  5.         1 lip color: Sheer Rose
  6.         1 cheek color: Adore (dark rose)
  7.         1 nail lacquer: Pink Leather (slightly darker than the Cosmo gloss)
  8.         Pocket mirror
  9.         1 Full-size Amped Lashes Mascara in Jet Black
  10.         2 Eyeshadow Quads w/ mini mirror in tray: Trendsetter, Trendsetter, Granite, Platinum; and Pink, Pearl, Mystical, and Flirty


Jenn said...

Thanks for the tip! I just ordered 3 eyeshadows. I can't wait to get it all!

Mimi said...

Excellent deal! I just ordered some Primer Potion, along with some other basics I needed...PLUS the bonus gift. What a nice Wednesday surprise!

Afton's mommy said...

Yay! I am such a bargain-hunter/deal-lover and I was so excited to see this! I got lots of yummy colors and I am now anxiously awaiting my goodies!