Review It With Me

I just went to Walmart and purchased the Revlon Color Stay under eye concealer that they have. Do you want to try it out with me and put in your two cents? For those of you wanting to participate we will be reviewing this product from Feb. 16th-March 16th. Go out and get it and tell me what you think!!!
For the month of March I will be doing makeup looks where 95% of the makeup comes from drugstores. What are your fav items from the drugstore???


Unknown said...

Cool! The one item I will always buy from a drugstore is mascara. For me, I've found drugstore mascaras can be just as good if not better than the pricey dept. store brands.

I'll try and get out and get that concealor. I'll let you know if I do to let you know how I like it.


Tracy D said...

Love this idea, I will go also try & get it. I love drugstore, I guess the lesser known brands & products would be interesting to me. Everyone review WnW, Maybelline Dream Mousse this & that, Loreal, etc. don't hear as much about Jane, even some Rimmel, lines like that.

Ashley said...

My mascara is Maybelline - The Classic Volum' Express, and I love it!

As for my eye shadows and eye liner - I have a secret - I buy Dollar store eye shadow!! and THEY ARE WONDERFUL!!!!!! The brand is called 'Amuse'. I get compliments on my make up all the time, and people usually think I spend lots of money on them! But $1.00 usually gets me 8 different eyeshadow colors!!! If you can find it - but it!!! (and stock up!)

Ashley said...

Found a website that sells Amuse: http://www.cherryculture.com/brands.php?manufacturerid=2

I get the ones with shimmer!

Els said...

L'oreal Volumnous mascara in very black. I read somewhere that Gwen Stefani uses this, so that's what got me to try it, and I love it!
Physicians Formula Mineral wear talc free face powder! Love it!!
FreshMinerals blush in Madly in Love! The color is a really bright intense pink, but somehow looks natural when applied! Obsessed!

Becky said...

The items that I can't live without are: Revlon lipliner in Mocha. AMAZING! I don't know anyone that it looks bad on. I thought it had been discontinued so I went on eBay and bought 6 sticks! Thenk found out that store was out of it. :)

Also I used to keep L'oreal Volunimous mascara around because i loved how awesome it made my eyes look! Just mascara alone made them pop! BUT... Drew Barrymore sucked me in with the Cover Girl line she is promoting... and I can't remember which ones they are but the PURPLE container (I believe is waterproof) and the ORANGE container have the new brushes - that look like they are made out of gel... so the mascara goes on sooo easily and it makes me look like I have lashes for miles!

I love your site and love trying your new looks! Thanks for doing what you do!