Stylish Blogger Award!!!!!

Katie from The Sweet Paper House (check out her site!) has nominated me for a Stylish Blogger Award!!!! Are you kidding me?!? I am so stoked =)!!! I love feeling that I am helping you guys and getting feedback is the BEST! Be it sweet emails that are meant for only me, requests or an award you guys make me feel ToPs! I'm supposed to share 7 things about myself and recommend blogs that I love. So here goes nothin...

1. I have been married to my sweetheart for seven years and am LoViNg the ride =). We met in Siberia while doing service work in 2002 and have been buddies ever since. In the short time we have been married we have lived in 6 different states and now live in Saratoga Springs, Utah. Kev is a graphic designer for a medical training facility and we couldn't be happier here. We have two cute, smooshy little boys that keep us on our toes =). Kayson (K-Diddy) is 5 and Branson (B-Bear) is 3.

2. I {heart} dancing. I danced for MTV when I lived in Southern California and just LOVED it! We got to dance on the set of That 70's Show and under the Hollywood sign. Alas my hubby doesn't like to dance so I haven't been able to do it
very much...anyone wanna go clubbing?????
3. I used to sing at a bay side restaurant. You know those jazzy tunes by Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra, Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald...just thinking about it makes me want to do it again =).
4. My birthday is coming up (March 8th) and I'm so excited to celebrate with friends and family. I love any excuse to get everyone together. It's also National Women's Day and they celebrate it everywhere, it seems, but here. This card was so Russian I had to post it LOL!
5. Shows I love to watch (some shamelessly) are:
the Bachelor
the Office
the Hills (when it was on and OnLy with Lauren)
So You Think You Can Dance!!!
Heroes (watching it on Netflix for the first time)
 6. I could be the HaPpIeSt person on Earth if you would let me just live at Disneyland!!! It's where I used to perform, I went every year with my family, have had bachelorette parties, Kev's and my first date, honeymoon and we love to take the boys! It was such a happy time in my life growing up and I think it's so magical that whenever I go there I am transported back to those times and feel like a kid all over again. Oh, Dis...can't wait for November to come =).
And I love me a good deal! My fav places to shop?
- Ann Taylor (love the 40% off sale!)
- White House Black Market. I get most of my jeans from there and have NeVeR paid over $35!!! It's all about discounts, coupons and going when jeans are already on sale =).
- Forever 21!
- Sephora duh =)
For the crafty girl and home decor girl in me I love Michael's, Robert's, Ross, Tai Pan and Hobby Lobby =).

    Now onto the blogs that I adoooooooooore!!!!! =)

    Becca shares her own crafty ideas as well as promotes others on her fabulous blog. I love it when bloggers support each other and highlight other people's amazing"ness" =)
    This woman is WONDER woman. I can't believe all the stuff she makes by herself. I can only aspire to be so hard core and amazing. Her kitchen renovation BLOWS my mind!!!
    I think she is so great at makeup application. She is VeRy easy to follow and I hope to meet her...is that weird? =)
    Everything she makes, makes me want to have a little girl. She can take scraps, old clothes and make the CuTeSt stuff!!! For SURE check her out!!!
    LoVe seeing the fashion on this girl's site and how she is expLODING on the fashion scene!
    enough said, this girl is dArLiNg (I guess not enough said) I love that her fashion is ruled by HER thoughts and ideas. She refuses to conform and would rather live in a Beatrix Potter world than anything =)
    Jessica comes up with the most inventive stuff eVeR! One of my favs was the one with the Valentine Balls. SO cute!!!
    Can you tell I like DIY blogs? I'm sorry if you were expecting makeup but I LOVE these kinds of blogs!!! This one I could (and have) spend hours at seeing what she does with cheap furniture from Goodwill.

    Go check these sites out and you may be stuck for hours enjoying yourself! =)


    Miss Krimson said...

    congrats on the award! you looked stunning in your wedding dress :)
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    The Nowell's said...

    Congrats on the award! You definitely are one of my favs! I also loved your facts about you! You are so funny - and may I just say wow - you have some amazing stories to share! Talk to you more soon hopefully! Have a great week!

    Sawdust Girl said...

    Yes! Totally want to go clubbing with you (and let's throw in a little karaoke for that matter)!

    Thanks for the bloggyloveshoutout! That's too sweet. I'm off to visit some of these other sites...Love finding new inspiration!