Beauty Blender

I've been using this Beauty Blender sponge for a week now and I must say...I am in LOVE!!!!! The appeal for me was seeing how many celebs use it and seeing their flawless application. I figured, let's check it out and see if it lives up to the hype! I. AM. SO. IMPRESSES!!!!!! The beauty of this blender (no pun intended) is it's small egg-like shape, with the added point, but no edges. No edges = a more streak free application. It is recommended you use this slightly damp so it expands. As it expands, it gets even softer and creates SuCh a smooth application. You use a stippling technique (which I'll demo in a future tutorial) so that it deposits and blends at the same time. I love using the pointy edge for more control in hard to reach places, like under my eyes and around my nose. One of the BeSt things about this sponge is that it is REUSABLE!!!!!!! Treat it like your mascara ladies and use it for up to 3 months! It comes with a cleanser and a dArLiNg little pedestal where it can dry and get ready to fulfill it's purpose yet again =).  Add it to the list girls!!!!!

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