Christmas Is Coming!!!

So, being married, I know that sometimes our husbands need a little help with what we may want. I know sometimes my hubby gets this panicked look near Christmas Eve and asks for some "alone" time. Out he whisks to the store, frantically calling my mother and all of my friends. I think he's learned, somewhat, that to start earlier in the month is goooooooood....say it with me hunny....gooooooooood!!!! For basic makeup needs I enlisted that same darling husband to help design this Christmas list. These are things that I would ask for if I were just starting out. You can click on the list and print it out and give it to your someone or buy it yourself, be powerful =). It comes out somewhat small so it can be travel size. If you have any questions on what to get from MAC or Sephora please ask. I could go on forever of what to get and what NOT to spend money on! Merry Christmas!!! 

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