Were It In Color...

This is going to be fun!!! I want to do some tutorials where I take a B&W photo and put my spin on what I think it would look like were it in color. I've mostly looked at well known people like Bridgette Bardot (above) so we kind of already know somewhat the feel of their personal look. It could be fun to do random photos too!!! Do you want to play too? You can participate by sending me a photo or choosing one yourself and sending me the B&W then one of you doing that look. Ready? Set? GO!!!


maria said...

oh i have two pics for you :)


this pic is stunning in all aspects.. i think you could do something really amazing with it..


this is a classic twiggy.. a style you could pull off so well!! and all those lashes :D

great idea and i hope you have fun!

maria x

Afton's mommy said...

I want to play too!

Unfortunately, I couldn't get the links to work here, so I emailed them to your email address @ the top of your blog. I hope you can use them!