Jen's Must Haves Volume II

This is a request I received from someone asking what my must haves were NOW as opposed to, like, a year ago =). SO, here goes, I am going to be listing things I cannot LIVE without.
I NEVER go on ANY trip without this magical tube. It enSURES no creasing. I use this under paint pots and the NYX Milk pencil as well!!!! If you do not have this yet, I ask you...WHY???
I have a new love in my life. I thought I was whole before but alas I was proven VERY wrong when my friend showed me this bottle of PeRfEcTiOn!!! Don't think of it as spray tanning (cuz it's not), think of it as foundation for your legs (cuz it IS). You spray it on, rub it in and you have AIRBRUSHED legs!!!!!! Totally flawless!!!! I am, as you know, not great at spraytanning, but this comes off with soap and water, yet resistant to water by itself. It hides bruises, veins, makes you look thinner and more toned, and makes your legs all ONE color!!! I missed a spot one day before going to church, but like if I missed a spot of foundation (ew, never!) you can spray it on your finger and fix the spot. It is FOOLPROOF!!!!!! I will be providing a few pictures on a leg model just as soon as she shaves....hee hee, love ya Megan!!! GO GET THIS!!!! Its about $14.00 at Walgreens and right now if you buy this you get another Sally Hansen product 50% off. You can't LoSe. I bought the medium and light glow. You will NOT be disappointed!!!
Maybe the reason I won't be having a "must have" for mascara is thanks to these babies. The Ardell Demi Wispies in black. I have said it before and I will say it again,"Lash extensions and serums are SO expensive whereas these bad boys, at a Sally's near you, will run just under $4 and will last you a good month if you are good to them. Practice makes perfect. As soon as you have done this for a week...I may have slept in mine once or twice...EEK! you will be a PRO!!! Just follow my Perfect Lash Tutorial and you can't go wrong!!!
Wedge, wedge, my beautiful Wedge. I use this color from MAC, no joke, E.V.E.R.Y single day! t is closest to my skin color which makes it a RoCkIn color for contouring and blending in the crease. Can't live without it and neither should YOU!!!
#5:#222 from MAC is the brush that I use THE most often and that I wish I had 10 of. I use it for blending, contouring, outer V work, crease work, under eye smudging. It's an amazing brush and I highly recommend it!!! It is a MAC Pro brush so you need to order it by calling 1-800-866-6464. From what I have been told you do NOT need to be a member but you may not get the Pro discount. This brush is WoRtH it Ladies!!!


The Coastal Scent 88 matte palette. This, believe it or not, I use every day as well. The dark and lighter brown that corner the bottom black color are my eyebrow colors. You can't beat the $19.99 price and the colors are SO pigmented!!! I also am in LOVE with the yellowish color that is in the first column, 3 down from the white. It is so creamy and natural. The greens are intense, the purples are lavish and the pinks are just plain HOT!!! You could very well find your brow color here, your "wedge", brow bone color. This could be ONE STOP SHOPPING!!!! I haven't tried the shimmer palette but I am satisfied to no END with this one and it still gives me some with shimmer! Visit the website and grab one of your very OwN!!!
This is Myth from MAC. Isn't that fun to say? I love that this is a lipstick so that it's formulated not to give me those gross inner "rings" around my mouth the way foundation does. If I need to matte out my lips, this is what I use. If I want to create the 3-D lip, this is what I use on the bottom lip in the middle. LOVE pairing it with Girl About Town from MAC and love it for my lips when I do a super smokey eye (whiten those teeth first!). This is a must for ANYONE. It's like the pair of shoes that go with every outfit!!! SO sensible.
I could not RAVE about this product more!!! My brushes look like NEW after using these guards. I will be getting like 5 more packages! When I clean my brushes and them let them dry, sometimes they bristle and don't look as "sharp" as I'd like them to. Ever since I've had the brush guard (which is in the giveaway!!!) the bristles look like I just bought the brush and took it out of the wrapper. You can dry your brushes in there and put them on when you travel to protect your bristles as they are jumbled up against whatever in your purse. I love how they expand over your brush and yet are nice and snug once you get them into place. Like I said, LOVE them!!! 5 different sizes come in a pkg....my brushes might be fighting over who gets to use one since I don't have enough =). With that said, I will be ordering more tonight HERE =).
So #'s 9 & 10 I couldn't find good enough pictures of but they are BOTH from Mary Kay. Yes, the "Pink Ladies". The eye makeup remover is BOMB!!!! Then the Timewise moisturizer is the best I have used, and I have tried a few ;). 

Those are my must haves at the moment. Who knows what next month will bring =). I think for you Mommies out there, anyONE of these things would be a great gift to ask for!!! Tell me when you get them and what you thought! What are products YOU cannot live without???


Melodi said...

When you mentioned the MAC 222 brush you gave a number to call and said we may not get the pro price....is there a chance we could? What's the deal on that? Why call vs. order online? Does that allow pro price?

Jen said...

Great questions Mel! K, here's the scoop as I know it. You need to be a Pro member in order to sign in via the internet (hence you can call instead). The way to get the discount is by being a professional makeup artist or cosmetologist by trade and fill out the application they can send to you. You can also pick one up at a free standing store. After you turn in the application, then it will take a few weeks to get your card but once you do you now can go in to a free standing store or order online with a 40% discount. You cannot use your discount, for some reason, at a normal counter that you may find in Macy's or Nordstrom. That is why since moving to Idaho I only order online. I have heard via YouTube that if you are not a member but want to buy a Pro product, then all you do is call that number but you pay full price.

Becky said...

Ok! Here's my top 10 of things I use on a daily basis

2. Clear Skin Oil Free Lotion (spf 15) from Kohls
3. Urban Decay De-slick in a tube mattifier <3
4. Smashbox Photofinish Foundation primer
5. Maybelline Matte Mousse Concealer
6. Makeup Forever HD Powder (if I had to, I could get away with no foundation if I used everything else on here)
7. Coastal Scents Italian Badger Blender (like you said with MAC blender, you can do anything with this!!!)
8. Urban Decay shadow Palette (I have several and just loooove their shadows, it's a great way to get many shades with just one purchase). My favorite is the Alice in Wonderland- i use something from it almost daily.
9. Too Faced Sun Bunny Bronzer (my bronzer favorites change frequently lol)
10. Bare Escentuals Buxom lip plumping gloss in Amber (this also changes frequently.. I heart gloss!!!!!)

For the record, I have combo skin with oily t-zone and I have pink undertones. I have no MAC on my list just for the fact that there isn't one right by me and I haven't tried their products. LOL

Becky said...

Oh and you're right on with Wedge.. I use my shadow that's the same color pretty much every day as well as the Blanc Type one. I'm in love with having the Matte's balance out the shimmers!

My favorite single shadow is Urban Decay's YDK. LOOOOVE!

Jill Franklin said...

You're the second person I've had suggest the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion...I can't wait to try it!

Jen said...

Jill.....you will NOT be disappointed!!!!!!! I assure you!!!