Hot Pink Tutorial

So I KNOW this one isn't my best work as far as camera savyness. It is blurry but I can't help but LOVE that it actually shows the true COLOR!!!! SO, what I am thinking is I will practice a bunch, get better and I can still use the camera for close ups. Sorry about the blurry but hope you love the pinks, I do =).


Kelie Scott said...

Jenn I tried this just with the colors I had and my husband said I had too much make-up on. Sweet huh, but I love this look and I will be doing it more even though he doesn't like it too much

Jen said...

He's just not used to it sister! =) Before I went to live in Russia for a spell I tried red lipstick for the first time. My WHOLE family was disgusted and horrified! They said it didn't suit me at ALL!!! Then, being stubborn, I wore it ALL the time in Russia and when I didn't, people said they missed it. Let him get used to his diva wife with diva makeup on and he'll LoVe it!!! =)

P.S. My word verification is clvaspes...it sounds like some unsightly disease!!! LOL

Unknown said...

Jen I did this look this morning and I LOVE it! I usually dont' wear a lot of make-up to work but it is so nice out I wanted to do something springy! It turned out a little more purple then pink..but I have brown eyes and it really makes them pop! I bought the wispies to use and I stink royally at putting them on. Oh well hopefully I will figure it out! Thanks for the tutorial!