Lips Baby

Please help me welcome our first makeup guest tutorialista......what? It's a word!!!! =) Codi is one of my dear friends from me serving a mission for my church out in good old Siberia. She brought you looks like the beautiful butterfly mask for Halloween and the gorgeous fall look with golds!!! She is SO talented and one of the funniest people I know. Without further ado heeeeeeeeere's Cooooodiiiiiiii.....

Hey ladies!!! Just wanted to give you a few tips and pointers on how to get the perfect lip. I'm a true believer that a face is never finished without some color on the lips! Even if you only have 5 minutes for makeup, color on the lip is a must. Hope you enjoy the tutorial and I hope it helps you create your perfect lip!

~Quote of the day.... (from my friend Cynthia)~

" The way you look and dress tells people how you expect to be treated."

So throw on some color and expect some lip action from someone special!!

*P.S. Please ignore the awkward pauses... this was my first movie tutorial. Some of us just aren't as naturally talented as Jenni.*


Nicole Hunter said...

GREAT job Codi!! Thank you for the tutorial! Quick question. I'm usually a lip gloss girl only, but have lately been venturing to color. Do you need to use lip liner and if so, does it have to be the same color? Thanks again!!

Zach and Codi said...

Dear Nicole,
First off.... you are adorable, and we have to meet sometime! Secondly... so glad you are venturing to color. One really fun way to venture into color from being just a lip gloss girl is to choose a lip liner color you like, fill the entire lip and follow with gloss. That way you get color but it doesn't feel so different from what you're used to. Also, the lip liner and lipstick/gloss do not necessarily need to be the same color. Some of my favorite color combinations have come from mixing a nude liner with a darker lipstick and visa versa. If you have a lipstick/gloss color however that you love and you want that color it is best to find either a liner in the same shade or in a color close to your natural lip shade. Hope that helps!

Jen said...

I heart Dervish lip liner!!!!!

Jancisco said...

Good job Codes! You look great! I was at a girl's night thing once and the girl presenting the makeup advice asked if anyone used lipstick--instead of just gloss. I was the only one who raised my hand. I felt like an old lady.

But seeing glamorous people like you wearing it makes me feel better.

Zach and Codi said...

Jan, I have never been so proud. You wear that lipstick with your head held high! You go girl!! Love ya!!