Starlet Series...Camilla Belle

Hi there lovelies. We are going to be heading into a series I'd like to call.....The Starlet Series. Basically if any of you see a picture that you want to have recreated then send it on in to my email address and I will do my best!!! I, myself, have seen some pictures that I want to do so I start it off with......my new muse. Camilla Belle is, in my mind, one of the most stunning actresses out there. She has style, grace, a natural beauty and is just the perfect starlet to start out our series. This is my interpretation of her look and I hope you like it. Let's get the request flowing in!!!!


Becky said...

She's so beautiful! What a fun series. I'll have to look for some pictures of looks.

So funny you did this look though, I did almost the exactly same look twice this past week only I put some pink in too (I was wearing a super cute bright pink shirt, perfect for spring!). I love that third one down on the 88 palette.

Nicole said...

You look like Camilla Belle!! I loved that tutorial because you know me and pink lips and blush.. LOVE IT!! I could hear little B in the background and it made me miss you guys. Love you!

Nicole Hunter said...

I LOVE this! So beautiful and a radiant look! Thank you for doing it!

Melissa Kinlacheeny said...
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