Happy Valentine's Day

Be DaRiNg!!!!!!

Wear RED lips today. Just DO it. The first time I sported the shade my family was like..."What? No, sorry Jen that is just not your color." Then I moved to Russia for a year and a half and wore it like NObodies business and it became one of my signature looks. I feel I missed out on many years of red lips. A fanTASTIC (and my favorite) tutorial for ruby red lips can be found here.


Kelie Scott said...

Jen I love the red lips I have always said you can wear any color of lips you want as long as you own that color with confidence. Love your Red Lips

Anonymous said...

i think you mean wear, not where. :)

Jen said...

Thanx fer lookin out Chica. Chainged THAAT speeling errer RIGHT away =).