I'm Sorry.....Got a Half Hour For A Tutorial Much????

So here we are with one of THE longest tutorials I have EvEr done!!!!! This is a more avant-garde look but still fun and can be done with thousands of other colors. Enjoy!!!!
P.S. the new concealer I use in the video is called Boi-ing from Benefit =).

I look like I am about to be violently ill.....I hate these pictures..whaaaaaaah... =).

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Zach and Codi said...

You are adorable!!! Did I not tell you that you would love the Tippy blush?!? It's definitely one of my favorites! Is the Chanel mascara still the sample I sent you, or did you go get a full size tube? I am so glad you like it!! You look fabulous as always, and I'm so glad you're back with a vengeance! I'm working on getting you some tutorials (yeah, yeah, I know.... finally) but I'm having a hard time with the video. You'll have to give me some advice on how to make it work. Love ya girlie!!