Smokey Brown wih Bold Lashes

This look was done around the same time as the greens but just hadn't edited it yet. Here it is. Sorry the lighting leaves much to be desired..wha wha whaaaaaaa... =).


(Nicole) The Very Hungry Caterpillar said...

mmm I like it. So wishing I lived closer to you. I hosted a mini weekly relief society meeting all about make up and a super cute girl in my ward who reminds me of you in many ways came and taught us. ANd the whole time i kept telling everyone your tips and how great you are. Your business is so cool. Love it. thanks for the tutorials. you help keep me real!

Zach and Codi said...

I believe the color is Amber Lights but it's hard to tell with the lighting. Love the look, you look beautiful (as always). By the way... you are correct. It is blanch (pronounced blan ch-when pronouncing try to leave out the h sound and accentuate the an), not blank. Blanch means to make white or pale by extracting color. It comes from the old French blanchir, and blanc which means white. But it's original form is German. But leave it to Americans to ruin the pronunciation and change it to blank. That's your useless info. for the day, and for those of you wondering... yes, my mother is a teacher and she just happens to specialize in teaching english.