I'm sorry...Did I Forget To MENTION???????

I got my 88 color PALETTE!!!!!!! How could I not have announced this, sung it's praises, done a tutorial????? Well the below picture is a result of using this wonderful palette and I am quite pleased. I for SURE recommend using a primer still, though the quality is far better than drugstore purchases. I used the oranges and browns today and can't WAIT to do purples and pinks for a more smoked out "punk" look. The ONLY thing I have to say and let me please note that this is not said in disappointment......they are really smaaaaaaaaall. I actually laughed when I opened them cuz they were so miniature and cute. My pygmy eye shadows as it were =). Aaaaanyhooooo, here is to fun with more upcoming tutorials and new products, products PRODUCTS!!!!!!


Becky said...

WOO HOO!! Is that the shimmer pallet? I still feel bad I never reviewed the other ones I have. lol Sorry.

I love how little they are.. dime sized.

I still have SO much shadow left with my pallets and I've had them for 9 months now or so.

My only complaint sometimes is the fallout I get but I have a fan brush that I use to sweep it away (if you tried to use your fingers, it smears). For those that haven't purchased it.

I'll totally do a punk look with you! You post and I'll do it the next day!! :-D

Jessica F. said...

I love you! You are too fun!

Monica Mary said...

Beyond gorgeous!

Camille Elise said...

Wow! That palette looks amazing! So many possibilities! Lucky!

Mini Aussie Ace! said...

hey! I just stumbled across your blog randomly and LOVE your make up looks! I was wondering where did you get that 88 color pallet?
I have been looking for a pallet so that way I can experiment with lots of color!

Mini Aussie Ace! said...

o and P.S- I was wondering which one you got the matte or shimmer? and what would you recommend for someone who wants to try out new colors and looks?