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Great questions!!! To see what she asked, look at the comments under the last post. I LOVE the craft store brushes and recommend the Maxine's Mop 1/4" and the Mini Mop also from Maxine. The Mini Mop is PeRfEcT for doing shadow on the bottom lash line and the 1/4" is comparable to the MAC #239 brush. When going to the department store, I would ask any of the girls to do your makeup!!!! Try not to ask on Friday or the weekend when they might be busier or all of a sudden Prom has come to town =). It seems Kev and I always decide to finally go out to eat and prom is going on.....annoying =). Make sure to tell them what you want and more importantly what you do NOT want. If you know that too much color looks AWEFUL on you to close to your eyebrows then TELL them!!! If you want to try something crazy, bring in a picture. Sometimes they will try to not go too crazy so that you will like it and maybe they don't know that you are super adventurous and really did want something CRAZY!!! For the eyebrows, I went in with makeup done and really just had questions and asked her to show me the way to use the stencil. She took off what I had and did it for me...no charge!!! MAC girls are not commissions based but if one of them is helping you it is good etiquette to let them be the one to help you till you purchase. Try to choose someone who has makeup on that you actually like, maybe they could do that look on you. You can go with or without makeup because if they do your eyes then they can take whatever you have off. If you go to an actual MAC store, then you get your whole face done and you need to spend at least $50 for it.

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Awesome!! Thanks for answering everything. You ROCK!