Manish Arora Tutorial

I LOVE this look!!! Comment and let me know what you think!!!


Jessica F. said...

I love this look as well! You are so fabulous!

Everything I know about eyeshadow....I learned from the fabulous Sister Springer!

Becky said...

How fun!! I'll try it tomorrow. My 8 year old wants me to try it on her later.

I need to go buy those Maxine's Mops brushes.. is there anywhere on here where you've listed which ones you have?

Also, I bought my first MAC shadow yesterday... VANILLA! I love it! I've been trying to decide what to get and finally decided I just needed a better highlight. All of the ones I have now are more yellow.. and vanilla is just perfect.

I also have a question about the cosmetic counters.. I was at Nordstroms yesterday and I haven't been there in ages (not a close one plus all of my kids..). I seriously almost drooled on myself looking at everything and all of the empty seats. LOL

Anyway.. do you ever have them actually do looks on you or just do swatches? And do you go with make up on or no? And are they commission based so if I get something it should be done by one person? I have no idea.. lol

And I saw they had an Anastasia area.. will they show you what brow shape you should have (and again, do you do your brows before you go??)?

I hate going into things and being clueless and possibly looking dumb.. but I'm dying to go back with my sister and friend and trying stuff out and learning something new too.

I'm such a dork. ;o)

Zach and Codi said...

All I have to say is.... Dito to what Jess said!

Monica Mary said...

Oh I love love love this look!!!