First Gig

For darling Miss L and A we came up with some fierce looks for their 18th birthday parties. The theme was "Beauty and the Geek" where the girls were beautiful and obviously the guys dressed up nerdy =). They wanted fun smoky colors and by golly that is what they GOT!!!! If you are in the Portland area and want to book a prom "look" email me and we'll hook you up!!!! =) Aren't they gOrGeOuS?????


Louisa Densley said...

Those girls are so attractive!! You did an amazing job!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!

I am trying to create my own blog! I have no idea what I am doing and I don't know how you added such a cute background layout. I'm taking a long time, but I'll figure it out!

Alison Steck said...

Thank you again for doing this! We both loved our makeup. Youre amazing! :)

Lauren Michelle said...

Hey! Can you do a tutorial on one of these looks? They're SO cute! :D

Becky said...

I agree, I want a tutorial on a smokey eye!! Maybe you can do a day one and then how you add a little more to take it to night??

Very cute!

Unknown said...

Ok, so we need you here Tuesday to help the MiaMaids 'cause they are in a fashion show for modest prom dresses and I am probably the last person they want doing their makeup! I am totally sending them here for tips. You are the best! Especially this post, you totally need to do a tutorial on them ASAP!