Makeup Bargain Alert!!!!!

All hail to Kelie!!!!! She has found a KILLER deal at Kohls for a limited time makeup set. It is $25 for the whole thing and has quite a few colors. Kelie brings up a common problem:

I have been following your blog for a month or so now and I love it. I have tried a few of the tutorials and I really like it, my only problem is the whole color issue. I don't have a whole lot of them in any brand so I have been using what I have. It is still fun. I found a little secret that I am going to check out and most likely buy. It is at Kohls so people can buy in the store or online. I thought it might help you with telling us what colors to use or even so more of us will have the colors you use. I love your blog and hope this will help.

Go get it ladies!!!! This is a steal and will give you many of the colors you need for tutorials and is a great way to start or enhance your makeup collection on a budget!!!!


Becky said...

Ooohhh, I think I'm going to get this. I hope they have it in the store. I have $20 in Kohls Cash to use!!

For those that are ordering online, if you have a Kohl's card use:

MVC6951 for free shipping (exp. Nov. 1)
FALL15OFF for 15% off (exp. Nov. 4)

If you don't have a card, use:
NEW5127 for 10% off (exp. Nov. 1)

Can't wait.. lack of colors has been an issue for me too.

Jen said...

Look at this everyone contributing and helping each other.....my heart is so full LOL =).

Jen said...

BTW everyone I am getting this today and will be doing looks with it so run out and get yours too!!!

Becky said...

Have you tried this out yet? Is it good quality? I should be able to go get it tomorrow after I drop my son off at preschool..