Jen has brought to my attention that ELF makeup is only a buck-a-shadow!!! I did some looking and you can buy these at Big Lots...go figure, Target, and Big Kmart stores. I will be going out next week to get some and using the UDPP and some MAC paintpots to see how well they stay. If you go to their website (that I have posted on the side) you can see the many colors that they offer and at only a BUCK.... how can you go wrong??? They also have brushes that I will do a review on as well. =)


AuntieK said...

I love ELF, I learned about them a while back and they have super great deals! I bought a brush set awhile back and it's still in great condition and very sturdy which is nice, sometimes the bristles get on your face which I sometimes find annoying, but other than that they are great.

Jen said...

Hey Jen! I currently dont have a working camera for a tutorial. :( But if you ever need any insight on the ELF stuff... I'd be happy to share what I know! :) Im so going out to get the UDPP! Thanks for letting me know. And be sure to check out the new ELF mineral eye shadows- they just added some awesome colors! (And the mineral ones are only $3!) Take care!

Zach and Codi said...

I actually purchased all the brushes, eye shadows, and other products from ELF a while ago and here's how I feel about the product...... you get what you pay for.
Basically for those on a tight budget and wanting to get inexpensive brushes these are a good beginning set to get. My cautioning would be... sometimes the bristles come off on your face, and sometimes the brush tops break off from the handles. (I've had 4 do it so far). The eye shadows are not highly pigmented and I ended up having to use a lot to get the look that I was desiring. I also hated the mascara. It started clumping/drying out very quickly, and there wasn't much product. Like I said though... if you are just wanting a large quantity of inexpensive products then this is a great way to go. I personally would much rather spend the money on MAC products so that I use less product and have it last a longer time.

The Royal Buffington's said...

My thoughts on ELF...you can get a lot of colors which is fun, but they don't blend very well. And the mascara is yuck. (But I am uber picky about mascara). Love your website...I need all the makeup tips I can get!!!