Jen's Britney Look

Here is one of my subscribers Jen doing the Britney tutorial. I LOVE the soft colored lip and the shape you did on your eyes is amazing. What colors did you use? Was it the Elf brand? What mascara too? Tell us, tell us!!!!! =)


Jen said...

Thank you! :) My whole look comes from ELF. I used their all over color stick in fair to even out my skin tone, and then I used the mineral conceler and foundation in fair. I then used their mineral blush in plum. I then used the black mineral base in 'seductive'. I layered it with a purple/pink mineral shade that I kind of mixed around. Then I used the liquid eye liner (Im not too fond of the paint brush sytle applicator tip- but its a $1 and fits my budget- cant really complain). I also used the same dark black mineral base under my eye for liner. Then I lined the inner rim area with eye liner. Then... oh- I used a light white powder shadow on my brow bone and along the inside of my eye (well along the area by my nose... that really doesnt explain it well!) Then mascara... its just that stuff in the pink/green tube. Thats like $4 at Walmart. Its also about 3 coats too. My eyelashes naturally hit my eyelids so I get these dark smudgies from my mascara above my eye shadow... So I've gotta be careful about that. So anyway- thats what I used! :)

Jen said...

Oh PS: Elf is having a mineral make up sale right now. 50% off of $25 or more. So I got 7 eye shadows, blush and foundation for $22 shipped. CODE: EGMINERALC. Not sure how long it goes for- but just thought I'd post!