Makeup Brushes Can Be Cheap!!!!!

Well, let me clarify. They need to be made well but you don't have to spend your (or in my case) your husband's whole paycheck to get those quality bristles. These are paint brushes that I picked up at Michael's. They are Loew-Cornell brand and are made from the same fibers as MAC brushes. No, you cannot find a duplicate for every brush that MAC offers but here are some of the basics offered there. To see the details of exactly which ones you can get, visit the link on the side of the blog entitled Paint Brushes vs MAC Brushes. It will take you to EnKore. He is very gifted and teaches many things. I even made my own brush cleanser so that I didn't have to pay $10 at MAC. I love these brushes and use them soooo much. There is no fall out with the bristles and the handles are basically the same too!!!!


Camille Elise said...

So, I did just this today! I went to Michael's and bought paint brushes...I was weirdly so excited I took them to work with me and showed them to a girl I work with. She was like, "what are those for?" So I told her and she thought it was genious!!! I have been telling all my sisters (5 of them) about this blog cause I love it soo much! ...just thought I would tell you...if I didn't tell you on my other comment! It makes me happy!

Jen said...

I am so glad!!!! That makes me happy too. I hope that they like it as much as you do!!!!!