Beauty From The Earth Review

I CANNOT say enough good things about this makeup!!!! These are mineral pigments that have a WOW effect when you put them on. They do have shades for everyone, though the ones I picked out are bold and dare I say "sassy" =). I will be doing future tutorials on these bad boys so be watching for it. When I bought the set of ten they were $5 each and came to $50 and when you spend that much shipping is free!!! Check out the website at beautyfromtheearth.com. Or see a review by monroemisfitmakeup on youtube. The link is posted on the side of the blog.


Ashlee said...

So- this is a fun little thing you're doing! I think it's awesome that you can wear all those colors. I don't dare do anything other than my norm. I know- it's lame, and I should try it some time...maybe if you were living here you could talk me into it, but probably not until then!:)

~Crystal~ said...

Thanks for the review. We would love to add any looks that you create using them to our website.

Crystal, Owner