CCPC Day 9 - GREEN 💚
Walt’s Wonderful World of Color was a show I remember vividly. I loved seeing his personal message in the beginning and seeing the love he had of our world. The possibilities and fun cartoons. Because I am at Disneyland this week I decided to make this week all about COLOR!!!!!

 It can mean trying a certain color of eyeshadow, eating that color of ice cream, wearing it from head to toe ANYthing!!!!!! When I say green, what comes to your imagination? Can’t wait to see your pictures!!!!!

✨Today I’m THRILLED to be partnering up with hellowhimzy to give one lucky winner one her SOLD OUT Peter Pan collars. I wear these things like crazy! They make every Disney bound magical and every outfit whimsical. They add a touch of class and you know I looooove classy things 🥰🥰🥰.  Head on over to classycozmetics on instagram to see how you can enter this giveaway!!!

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