CCPC DAY 28 - YouTube

This next transformation that I did 3 years ago fell perfectly into following a tutorial on YouTube. Mirjana is an incredible illusion makeup artist and when I saw what she could do by blacking our parts of her body...I knew I had to try!!!! It took FOREVER but I was so happy with how it turned out.
I’ve always been inspired by other artists and I get SO excited when I learn something new. It happens often on YouTube 🥰.

Go there now and see what you want to follow. Is it painting? Fixing a leaky faucet? Makeup? Hair? Decorating ideas? Hope you guys enjoy! I’ll link the whole tutorial in my stories on classycozmetics so you can watch in fast motion how I achieved this look. I didn’t save the footage for some reason so it will forever live on YouTube. What do you think??? I used almost all maskcarabeauty for the shading!