CCPC DAY 27 - Bravery

We could be heroes. I started sharing my old transformations in stories and this Wonder Woman look was the next one. How perfect was this for bravery? I used to watch the show with reallyndacarter and soooo wanted to be her! I even had Wonder Woman pjs that I loved to wear 🥰. I felt brave wearing them, invincible. Oh the fearlessness of youth. As I grew up there were so many situations that called for bravery.
Moving to a new neighborhood
Being the new girl in school
Being badly bullied in jr high
Entering high school
Saying no to peer pressure
Facing the consequences of saying yes to peer pressure
Moving out on my own
Moving out of the country
Falling in love
Having children
Starting a business
Moving & being the new girl during ADULT years 😳
Walking into influencer events (it’s actually frightening for me. Will someone save me a seat? Was I forgotten? Will the women be nice to me?)
Facing scary things that happen in the world
You may not relate to everything on my list but I’m sure there are a few that pricked your heart. For me, as I’ve gotten older it’s no longer the “fake it till you make it”. It’s being vulnerable & owning up to your feelings. Maybe even expressing them if the situation calls for it. Sure it’s harder, but it’s worth it for a few reasons. One, you’re being very genuine and two, someone else might feel the same way & your courage to speak your feelings could really help alleviate theirs. I remember walking into my first influencer event & knew NO one (in real life anyway). It’s sad to say but no one came up to me to say hi. No one really even acknowledged I was there. I went home feeling SO stupid for going. I’m sure my cheeks were still beet red as I talked to Kevin about how I felt. He so sweetly told me he didn’t think I would make anyone feel that way. I was grateful for the compliment (& truly hoped I lived up to that) then had an apostrophe (name that movie). I wouldn’t stop going to events & I would make DANG sure no one felt the way I did. The next one I went to I secretly donned my “Wonder Woman can do” attitude & introduced myself to everyone & acted like I had been going to these for years! 
I had a few weird looks from those that HAD been going for years but that was OK. Someone there was new and I wanted them to feel welcome. Soon I had a group of a few people I knew, people I felt safe around and people that reached out and invited me to fun things. I remember the moment I met Kellydsharee. She invited me to her amazing book club and that was HUGE for me! We attended an thealisonshow  dance party and met canary_jane, her sister, latewithkate in line and inside danced with amytwittyathome, tiacelise, ashleyrosereeves and so many other amazing women. The courage to go back lead me to some beautiful friendships. Be brave ladies. Not just in the traditional wonder woman sense. Be brave enough to be Honest, open, kind, vulnerable and YOU!
I need the words just as much as the next gal.  I'd love to hear your thoughts on bravery.

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