Hair How To From a NON Hair Expert

As of late this has been my most requested tutorial!  Maybe it's not exactly a Makeup Monday but since I'm making it up as I go, Makeup Monday it is LOL!  I'm almost embarrassed to put this out there because you just might laugh.  You may just see....oh yeah, when she says she doesn't know how to do hair, she wasn't kidding.  Hairstylists avert thine eyes!!!!  To see the whole video, click here.  The type of curling iron I used can be found by clicking here.  It's seriously SO simple!!! Now lets get personal.  I have been thinging about the month of November a lot.  The gratitide I want to feel everday.  To be intentional with my "Thankful Thoughts".  Want to join me?  This week I'm focusing on the gratitude I feel for my body.  I am going to start working out again at least three times a week (need to start somewhere and October killed me).  I want to fuel my body with awesome unprocessed foods and make sure I am sticking to as little toxins as I can with what I put ON my body (think shampoos, conditioners, deo, hand soap etc.).  If you want to do the same, check out Just Ingredients on Instagram and you'll see where my head is at with this goal.  Small changes can lead to BIG things!!!! Depression? Anxiety? ADHD? Infertility?  My mind is BLOWN by how much we are affected by food and personal care products!!! Who's with me? Thankful Thoughts in November!!! Something new and inspiring each week. Comment below if you're down!!!

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