Magicians Assistant

Even though this movie totally creeped me out it still had moments of normalcy. Like, I really felt drawn to Gina Davis. She wore clothes like my mom, was kind and, well, normal. There was also this magicians assistant who I thought was beautiful and I loved her two piece outfit....LOL see what I did there? At least I make myself laugh right? 😂 I loved her makeup too!!!! So as not to have to paint my whole body blue, I had the genius idea to buy a Morphe suit, well two Morphe suits! For my lower half, Kevin and I wrapped my legs in Saran Wrap, then packing tape. We caaaaaarefully cut a seam down the back of both legs so that I could awkwardly hop out of them ðŸĪŠ. We then taped them back up and filled them with shirts to keep their shape since we’d be putting another Morphe suit plus fishnets on them. To construct our faux couch I had to get creative. I took a rectangular coffee table that had a removable glass top. We took the glass out, and decided to wrap it and other items under a black sheet that I cut a small X in for me to kneel in. The boys took four pool noodles, cut them in half, stacked them, taped them and they instantly became arm rests. We pushed the table up against the wall and propped couch pillows along the back. Threw the sheet in top and voila! Instant couch! One of my favorite moments was when I asked my 14 year old to come and put his hand on “my leg” so I could smack him with my handbook 😂. Ps Beetlejuice was totally on Broadway right @colormemagic?? ðŸĪ“😘 

Products Used:
Wolfe Body Paint
Coastal Scents 88 palette
Shine Black Liner (BEST out there!!!)
Maybelline 24 Hour Color Stay
Lashes from Eyelashes Unlimited
All Red Material: Joanne's Fabric

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