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Girl power much??? Bo Peep was such a signature character. A staple! I was heartbroken when they eluded to her leaving the series. That look on Woody’s face! 😭 I was SO happy that they found each other again in this last movie....but....I have to say at first I was a little ruffled with how she was to Woody. It’s never sat well with me when people brag, “I tell it like it is. I speak my mind. I am brutally honest.” Because to me, these are excuses or justifications for being down right hurtful sometimes. Dooooon’t get me wrong, I think everyone should be able to say what they are feeling, to be honest, to clarify thought but it take a STRONG person to not take advantage of their own power and be able to convey honesty beautifully. To speak their mind with conviction without being nasty. That takes training, that takes self mastery, that is the person I hope to one day be. And THAT to me isn’t just girl power, it’s divine power. To become more like the person I follow and that He meant me to be. In an emergency, you better believe I’m barking orders and being downright blunt 😂. This morning Branson spilled a green chunky smoothie ALL over the cabinetry and floor......it was tense 🙈. When Bo tells him to get out of her way I felt so badly for him. He was messing things up a bit but he wanted so badly to be a knight in shining armor to her and help. I don’t think it makes me any less of a woman to look at my hubs as my knight and want him to save me every now and then. I save him on the regular too 🥰. I love my husband, I love my friends. They bring SO much to my life and pick up the slack in areas I’m lacking. I do the same for them. It makes me stronger to have others that I rely on. It teaches me patience, humility, how to love unselfishly, how to listen, how to ask for help and give them opportunities to grow by serving. We DO need each other! We are not meant to be solo....that’s VOLDERMORT’S plan!!!!! Don’t let him win!!!!! This Bo Peep is the most beautiful out there! @houseofsmithsdid an AMAZING job with hair cuz heaven knows I can’t 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻. Tell me your thoughts on brutal honesty vs beautiful honesty. 

Yodel-Ay-Hee-Hoo!!!!!!! Oh my word LOOK at that cute Jesse!!! 😍😍😍 Can we talk about the fact that Emberly’s mouth is CLOSED?!?!?! It’s closed!!!!! After Darla this was my second attempt at drawing a mouth over an existing closed mouth. I felt so bad for Em when we were nearing the end of just the mouth portion. I just kept staring at it....then that feeling sunk in. I have to wipe a good portion of it off and start again. YOU GUYS!!!!! How many times have you just said, “It’s good enough, whatever.”???? I have said that SO many times!!!!!!! If I would have said that this time, not admitting to her and myself that it needed to be fixed, I would have missed out on the MANIACAL GIGGLE!!!! For those of you new here the maniacal giggle is the sound that creeps under the door of my makeup room anytime I am just SO pleased with how something has turned out 😂😂😂. My family knows it well! I am SO stinking happy with this mouth and for the freedom I felt in fixing it. I am a makeup artist. I have been for YEARS! But I’m allowed to say, I don’t know. Or I am not good at that technique. It’s freeing!!!!! Doesn’t mean I don’t keep trying to do liquid winged liner though....one day, one day I’ll get it 🙈🙈🙈😂😂😂. Now, who is your favorite Toy Story character and WHY? Jesse is waaaay up there for me!!! But I can’t stop giggling at Rex 😂. Tell me yours and why!!!

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