Cranberry Holiday Smokey Eye

GUYS!!!!! I love this makeup look. I love it sooooo much that when I wear it, I may overuse it to the tune of a whole WEEK! Ha ha ha ha. Of course, washing it off at night and reapplying ;). It's very easy to follow and these colors can be found in so many palettes out there. Don't feel you have to buy this exact one, especially since over the years they discontinue things a lot in the makeup world. Think oranges, gold, deep brown and cranberry!

I'm sure you've heard it a million times but your makeup will look so much better on clean and clear skin. The three things I've been doing lately that have made a HUGE difference? Drinking at least 90 oz of water a day (if not more), using a natural cleanser that isn't filled with toxins and chemicals AND using these bad boys every time I wash my face.

They are SO soft and yet they help me get every single stitch of makeup off! My skin feels so soft after getting all that dead skin off and my makeup looks that much more amazing!!! I randomly found mine at TJMaxx but I know that's super hit and miss. So I searched and found this one for you on Amazon....you're welcome ; D.

Emma Cleansing Water
Emma Pore Refiner
Morphe Jewel Crew 9c (not available at Morphe but I found one for you!)
Colour Pop Brow Pencil (don't go through Amazon, it's way more $)
MAC Gleeful (no longer available unless you want to pay a pretty penny on Amazon = ( sorry!)

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