Family Pictures 2018

I get down right GIDDY when I think about family pictures. The creativity that can go into it just gets to me every time. The makeup, the costumes, the location, the poses...I LOVE IT!!!!! This year we actually had our original plans backfire and this was our fall back plan! Can you believe it??? We borrowed a neighbor's trailer aaaaaaaaaaand another neighbor's dog LOL. 
 Lil Miss is always such a sweetheart. She just wanted to play with her new baby the whole time! Look at that tummy (insert all the heart eyes).
The boys have just recently gotten into airsoft and were SO stoked to bring their guns and bring home dinner (go raise boys right?)

I just can't get over how darling she is even with me trying to trash her hair and clothes up LOL!
No words.....okay, maybe a few. I am ooooone lucky girl! Thank you to Jordan Bree for always doing such an amazing job on our photos and for going along with my crazy.

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