The Cheap Truth

I'm coming to the realization that I may be cheap......that I may be a lil white trash err now and then, according to the fashion world standard, and I'm okay with it. I shop for clothes rarely, I'm all about Forever 21, I have clothes still from back in high school, I refuse to accept certain trends and I happen to like Walmart....I SAID IT!!!!!! My name is Jen and I AM CHEAP!!!!!!!!!! I feel better, wow....I feel a lot better!
I follow quite a few fashion gals on Instagram and I think they are top notch! They look stunning and they piece things together so beautifully. They all seem to have a link set up to where you can double tap on their picture and an email is sent to you to tell you where to purchase each piece. I DIE when I get an email saying that the skirt is oooooonly $600. ONLY? That's about how much it is to take my family to Disneyland for a few days! Only indeed bah!
Well imagine my complete surprise when I see the darling Annie from Stylish Petite wearing this amazing lacy bow top.
Perfection right??? My finger started twitching....I knew I wouldn't be able to resist so I threw caution to the wind and double tapped!!!! I was almost scared to check my email but somehow raced there as quick as quick could be. My jaw hit the FLOOR when I read that this top was $14.59.....ladies.....this top is 
 Needless to say I put in an order ASAP and I am SO glad I did! I wish I would have known better to order a size up but I think after losing a few needed lbs this will do just nicely.
The bow can sometimes throw me for a loop (no pun intended) but it is just so stunning on on trend right now that it's worth the extra hassle. I need to figure out how to tac it once I get it just right. Any thoughts on how?
I was also way proud of myself, not being a hair person, for making this happen. I put my hair in a low ponytail and then did many braids off of that. I then wrapped each one around, pinning as I went. This was the exact do I did for my Jane Austen party as well.

Lace top: Sheinside (I have it in Medium)
Brilliant green skirt: Chic-Wish


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14 bucks?! I think I have to get that!

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