Discovery...With Agnes and Dora

Welcome friends! Are you ready to read a novel? Oh, I'm so glad! It's a tale of heartache, intrigue....cloooothing!!! It begins with an introduction to a new company.....
I was very quick to discount poor Agnes & Dora when they first stepped onto the scene. Everyone was having parties left and right and I was way less than enthused. Why you may ask? WELL, when one is a pear shape and a few lbs over what I'd like my thought process was this,"My legs are large...but would you like to see them in an even BIGGER size???"
HEEEECK to the no. The patterns of these and other popular leggings (mostly worn by themselves) were loud, sometimes obnoxious and very bold (look at me look at ME!). I didn't WANT anyone looking at my thighs and butt any more than anyone had to! I went to one party and felt self conscious at the idea of not getting a clingy skirt past my knees in the hostesses bathroom (another story in and of itself) and the leggings that I didn't dare touch because of what I saw them do to other people's legs. In a word? Traumatized. I had been traumatized by this new fad. 

Insert a year ago when I was asked to teach makeup for a bloggers overnighter up in Oakley, Utah. I was so honored to be asked and excited to be stepping into the blogger scene that is pretty rockin here in Utah. Imagine my absolute horror to hear that we would all need to wear a certain color shirt because we would be taking pics in our jammies......sponsored by Agnes and Dora. How absolutely kind of them, but WHAT????? Please don't make me wear aztec and do I have time to do a few more squats? Those were the phrases, among maybe a few curses running through my head.
The night went well, I got the girls to giggle and open up about makeup concerns and fears. I may have shimmied a few more times than one should but it. was. wonderful. Made some amazing friends and had a blast!

When it came time to choose our leggings (gulp) I walked timidly to the table to see what was left. Aztec...no! Hearts, cute. Snowflakes.....hmmm, those are darling. They're dark so that's thinning, the print was smaller, I didn't know they made those! Ladies, when I touched the fabric on these leggings, it was as if I had died and gone to soft material heaven. I was no longer told that only babies get the coziest and fuzziest fabric...IIIIIIII, Jen, an adULT was allowed to wear something so soft I could have died!!!!! It happens quite often and it happened again, I was wrong. I put them on and felt my butt. I did! It was so soft and smooth (the fabric ha!). I made sure to wear my high wedges for the pic to make the legs look longer lol!

I still have never worn them on their own unless it's to bed but I have worn them SO often under skirts and dresses and have several pair now!

Love the leggings as a detail under solids!

Nooooooow fast forward to me meeting this beautiful woman. This is Kaylynn, THE Agnes and Dora ambassador! (like seriously)

This girl has my heart. She is loving, hilarious, outspoken, full of fire (the good kind), driven and so talented. We were meant to be friends. We met on Instagram, decided to room together at Snap Conference in SLC Utah and the first time I meet her in real life, she brought me a Subway sandwich......I mean RIGHT????? Throughout our stay at good ole Snap, Kaylynn was rocking her leggings, sure, but she had some of the cutest skirts and tops and I was FLOORED to learn they were from Agnes and Dora....say WHAT??? They have tops? Dresses? She then went on to tell me they even have plain colored leggings.
If someone would have told me that, I would have dropped all the cheapy leggings I was carrying in my Forever 21 bag and RAN to my computer or the next party and demanded my goodies!!! I think everyone was so crazy for the other leggings that the parties I went to only had those items. I immediately told her I wanted to collaborate with her to tell ALL other women that had my same experience the liberating truth! 
Speaking of darling tops they offer, THIS Peter Pan collared dream is a MUST! The fabric, the fit, the scalloped collar...I die!

 Don't you love it when your hubby is so kind to take a million pictures for you only to realize your phone was in your pocket the whole time? (insert rolling eyes emoji here) LOL

Moral of the story, sometimes (more often than not) I'm wrong. I was wrong about Agnes AND Dora ha! and I can't wait to make up for lost time now and buy up everything I see that screams ME on their site!!!!!
My next Purchase: classic black leggings
And after that lol: Gold Dot White Dress


Unknown said...

Hi, Jen!
Just a quick note to let you know, I adore your blog. You are a hoot! This story was a great testimony to being stuck in a mind-set but open enough to learn something new...I loved it!
You make me want to up my daring with your adventures and clever prose.
Thanks bunches!! A fan, Val

Ash. said...

I was so anti-leggings as pants for a looooooooong time. and then I had a baby. and I looooove them. you look great in these photos!

Jen said...

Thank you so much for your kind words Valorie. I'm happy to make you smile! =)

Jen said...

Right Ash?????? They really are super comfy. Thank you so much muah!!!

Aubrey said...

I came over to get your link for my confetti night post. This post made me smile. You really were so nervous about the leggings, but you rocked them. I'm hoping I can get Agnes and Dora to sponsor the sleepover again this year and maybe not just leggings this time.

Summer said...

Oh my goodness...loved this post so much! I laughed out loud because I felt the same exact way before I went to one of their parties! You looked so good btw! I have those same ones, so we might be matchy matchy come this winter!

Unknown said...

Hi! I know this sounds an old post but I found it when I googled Agnes and Dora. Is it possible for you to give me Kaylynn's info to ask her questions about becoming a rep?