The Perfect Red Lip

I don't know what it is about red lips, but to me, they scream SEXY!!! They are girl power in lipstick form and I LOVE them!!!!! There are so many amazing tips and tricks to applying the perfect red lipstick and I want to share. How to keep it on all night long...well almost ;), how to keep it from traveling up into your skin etc. Enjoy enjoy ladies. MUAH!!!!!


Unknown said...

I love a red lip too. I work with a lot of dancers and they used to use Russian Red. You should try Blu-Red by SeneGence. I'm a distributor of this line and would love to send you a collection so you can review/try. You mentioned you have very sensitive lips so I think you might like the ingredients in this (as well as what's not in it). You can view more info on it on www.mybeauty411.com . It won't budge, bleed and it keeps your lips very moist and hydrated for about 8 hours. I have an instagram showing pictures too.

Unknown said...

I like red lipstick. Red Lipstick is the most attractive color, also Red lipstick is best of the beauty staples of trend.

Thank you for sharing with us.
Red Lipstick

Unknown said...

I love a deep red lip. Very sexy.

Erica K