Love Is In the Air...and On My Shirt

Can you feel it? Love is in the air! To me, it's coming a little too fast. I usually set up all my candy in apothecary jars (children beware, I save the candy and by now it's about 6 years old). 
image source: Pinterest

We heart attack Daddy's room, fun crafts etc. This year? Meh...no idea why. Okay, so maybe I do. When we went home this last December I was about a month and a half along. When we came home, nothing. It's very upsetting but I know that many have tried a lot longer than our small 4 years have had more loss than me. Still, it makes me sad. I am, however, so grateful for the two boys that are all mine and that I get to watch grow up. They are my loves and along with Kevin, I am so grateful to be a family forever!
NOW, let's jump to this photo shoot on Saturday, shot by the amazing Niki Martins and styled by Jacque from Looks For Lovelies. I was so super excited to wear this darling Live With Love tee! Darling Amy from Liv and Hope has the most darling boutique filled with goodies and every cent goes to fund the adoption they hope to be blessed

I love that my photographer is super passionate about adoption, having gone through it multiple times. She commented that the all black ensemble including leather and diamonds was so perfect for the topic. "You look strong, powerful. Adoption is an incredibly empowering deal." I honestly had never though about it that way. Then, as the shoot went on I started thinking about the main feelings I had through all these years of trying. It was that I couldn't deliver something that women can. A cute lil smooshy to hold and love. That made me feel powerless, helpless. Then thinking about other ways to fill that void in our family made me feel like I did have control. I could take back some of that power and bless more than one life. I can't tell you how blessed I feel to know the people I know. To be inspired by them....even when they don't know they're doing it. I would love to hear your experiences with adoption if you have any. Please leave me a comment or email me at dollcosmetics@gmail.com. 

Always have to end with a stirring air guitar ballad right?  P.s. this top is soooooo comfy, I may or may not be living in it. Seriously. So comfy! Have a rock 'n' roll day ladies!!!

Styling: Jacque
Skirt: Windsor
Nylons: Kohls

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Ash. said...

DYING over your hair. I cant believe how long it has gotten! Loving the outfit. I bought a white tulle skirt but I look like such a frump in it since I am so short. Boo. You, on the other hand, look fantastic.