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The holidays are coming soon and I am looking forward to treating my friends and family! I wanted to give you some ideas to "give" to your significant other to give YOU ha! These are some of my favorite things to use everyday and some especially around this festive time.
The holidays are not the holidays without the quintessential red lip. My FAVes include
MAC's "Russian Red"
Maybelline "Neon Red"
Sephora's very own "The Red"
MAC's "Relentlessly Red"
MAC's Ruby Woo

It is no secret that I like big lashes and I cannot lie lol. These will probably be my fav forever! Demi Whispies in black from Ardell. Super inexpensive and the added luxury of taking them off anytime you want to rub your eyes for days, or fully immerse your face in water! I have a hard time with the extensions for that reason.

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Sparkly eyeshadow... is it even a QuEsTiOn this time of year? Didn't think so ;). There is something about a little shimmer that adds glitz and glamour! Here are some of my favs:

MAC Honey Lust (large sparkle look)
MAC All That Glitters (bright & shimmery)
MAC Sumptuous Olive (green & slick)
MAC Humid (deep, shimmery & green)
MAC Bold and Brazen
MAC Idol Eyes (perfect frosty grey)
Now having said this, I must add a quick little tip on not being a huge walking disco ball. For every sparkle/shimmer eyeshadow use a matte color that compliments.

One of my most favorite makeup related things to buy or get in the mail? BRUSHES!!!! I love looking at them, having a variety, getting them dirty, cleaning th....screeeeeeeech, wait. No, I do not love cleaning them lol. In fact I have two whole jars of brushes waiting to be dunked!

Who always wants their shadow to stay put? To be vibrant? To never crease! ALL of your hands should be raised and THIS product is my FAV for accomplishing aaaaaall of the above. It lessens the difference between drug store shadows and department shadows significantly! 

So these aren't aaaaaaalllllll my loves but I thought this made a good little start up stocking stuffer kit. What are your wishes and wants this year? Merry Christmas to all of you lovely ladies and your families. I hope the holidays treat you well and that your new year is full of challenging goals, sparkly parties and a kiss from someone special! Make sure to wear one of the above mentioned lipsticks for said kiss....I hear it will be 10x better if you do! LOL Muah!!!

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